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Expert optimization and consultancy package for Shopify

Get a constantly improving Shopify store

Conversion rate optimization, consultancy, support and custom development, all in one package.

Provided by Shopify experts experienced in working with 100+ Shopify stores.

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Happy with everything, highly recommended.

Vasileios Siakos,

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More than 15 hours of focused effort to uplift sales, conversion rate, user experience. Never stop improving.

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E-commerce is a competitive environment. Your website is what sells. It can’t be stagnant. It needs to improve constantly.

From audits and recommendations to complete implementation, the Constant Optimization Package includes everything you’ll need for your site’s growth.

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The 4 step growth process that we follow every month.

If you have something specific in mind, we’re happy to develop it.
If not, here’s what we do:

    We study your website and data
    Particularly on-page audits and analytics
    We send our recommendations doc
    Based on the data, and our expert opinion
    We use design, code, apps and features
    to implement the recommendations
    We repeat this process every month

You get 8 different services combined for constant optimization.

Here’s everything that’s included.

1. Monitoring: 4 browsers, 3 devices, 2 different sources of data to make sure everything runs smoothly

Tests on your live store

Common issue: some users finding it impossible to checkout.

Once a month we'll test user flows in different devices and browers.


Keeping an eye on analytics

Some problems are only visible in analytics.

Once a month we'll check your analytics and let you know if we find any problems with the site's usage. Plus: We'll check your Google Search Console (SEO).


2. Audits: 1 detailed CRO Audit, at least 5 key recommendations on how to increase conversions

Expert audit on 4 key areas

We've audited dozens of stores. We know what to look for.

Every month we'll audit your store on these areas:

  1. Conversion rate optimization
  2. User experience
  3. Website speed
  4. Cart value optimization

List of recommendations

Know what to work on, to make your store better.

Based on our audit, you will get a list of what you need to improve. High impact items will be prioritized, so you can achieve maximum results with minimum effort.


3. New features: 3 app recommendations, 1 installation, unlimited theme changes, to save you from hours of effort

New features added every month

There are endless ways to sell more.

Every month we will research, install and configure an app or service that will help you add a new feature to your store.


All the theme changes you'll need

No need to spend hours with the theme editor.

Let us know what you want changed, we'll edit the theme's content and settings for you. Changing texts, images, banners and more.

* Subject to fair use. FAQ.


4. Custom design & development: 3 hours of design, 8 hours of development to implement theme features and custom apps

Hours of custom design

Design is how you optimize your store for your customers.

Every month you get several hours of web design. We'll perform the research, create the design, and send you the mockups.


Hours of custom development

Use code to gain the edge. Avoid bloating the site with apps.

Every month you get several hours of custom development. With theme code or custom app code, there's no limit to what you can do.


Fantastic to work with, clear communication, and excellent Shopify knowledge.

Jason Denny,

Bonus: A consultant to guide you and answer all your questions

We’re a message away.
Get instant access to our accumulated knowledge.

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Even better: If you have a project in mind, you still get 8 hours of web development - every month

Get custom development at competitive pricing. Custom code, instead of installing apps, can get you:

benefit of custom development
A result much more suitable for your own website
benefit of custom development
Much faster site speed
benefit of custom development
No limits to features, whether it’s a frontend or a backend customization

4 Main Areas, 8 Services, 1 Package, constant optimization

You can cancel any time. No commitment. No minimum time period.

Constant optimization package

Request your package today and get:

free 2 extra hours of custom code for the first month
$999 / month
We will get back to you within 24 hours.
Cancel any time. No commitment. No minimum time period.
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4 different browser + 3 different device monthly functionality testing

Testing several user flows on your store on 4 different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari) and 3 different devices (Desktop, Android, iOS) to make sure it works as expected.

Shopify Analytics + GA4 audit each month

Audit of your Shopify Analytics to find opportunities for improvement and problems that might be unnoticed. Audit of Google Analytics 4 to make sure it is properly configured, and to gain insights about the website.


1 Expert CRO Audit each month

A thorough audit of your store by a CRO expert, to detect problems and opportunities when it comes to user experience and how your store can convert better.

At least 5 key recommendations each month

You will receive at least 5 specific recommendations that can be applied or hypotheses to test. These recommendations will be prioritized based on potential impact and ease of implementation.

New Features

3 recommendations + 2 app installations and configurations each month

Recommendation of 3 different apps to implement a feature that you request. Installation of 2 apps of your choice. Configuration of the apps based on your needs and our recommendations. Testing of the apps to make sure they work as expected.

Unlimited theme editor changes

Unlimited changes on the theme editor. Includes editing theme templates, sections and blocks, changing global theme settings, adding your text and images, etc.

Custom work

3 hours custom design every month

Design research, mockups and high fidelity design of new pages, sections, components. The design can then be implemented with the available methods.

8 hours custom code development every month

1) Frontend development with HTML, JS, CSS, Liquid to implement and alter features on your theme. Achieves customizations that are not within the theme editor capabilities. 2) Backend development of custom apps.

Don’t postpone your site’s growth.
Every month that passes, is an opportunity for more conversions.


What happens after I request a package?

  1. You pick a plan, and we get in touch with you.
  2. We look at your store and ask a couple of questions about any problems you are currently facing.
  3. If we think our monthly support is a good fit, we'll send you the plan details, and after payment for the first month, we get started.

What's the process after we get started?

Every month, we go through the list of tasks included in the plan, and we work on them. Testing and looking at analytics are usually performed first, followed by auditing and reporting our findings. Then we discuss a bit about the next steps regarding the implementation of the new features and changes. Last, we use apps and custom design and development to implement tasks indicated by the previous steps, and anything else you need.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes. Your subscription isn't billed automatically, so if you want to cancel, you simply don't pay for the next month.

Is there a limit to theme editor changes?

Theme editor changes are, for example, when you have a new banner image and you want it uploaded to the collection page. Our packages allow for more changes than you'll even need.

However, there are some extreme cases. For example if you have 50 different templates for the collection template instead of 1-5, which is excessive for any store, and you need changes to 5 sections with 20 settings each, we might need to make use of the development hours.

Issues like these can usually be fixed with a bit of code, once and for all, resulting to a theme that's easy to manage.

Proven Shopify experts

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Great communication and very helpful. Definitely recommend.

Vasara B.

Understands what needs to be done and does it without a lot of back and forth.

Matthias W.

Great work, clear communication, great quality.

Jaap T.