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Easily add custom information to Shopify packing slips in 7 steps

By Philip Dematis · 5/21/2024 · 3 minutes read
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A small guide about how to add custom information to products on your Shopify packing slip.

When printing orders in Shopify, you may want to present extra information for each line item.

For example, you might have specific instructions for some products for the warehouse staff.

There's a way to show this information on the printed packing slips.

Let's see how to do this.


Currently, the default Packing Slip Template editor doesn't let you show metafields.

That's the one that's under Settings / Shipping and delivery / Packing slips.

So all you'll need is the free Shopify Order Printer app. Install it here.

Then, we're assuming that this information is already stored on product metafields.

How to show product metafields on packing slips

1. Install the app.

Order printer app

2. Click on "Templates".


3. Edit the packing slip template.

Edit the packing slip template

4. Find the for loop where it says:

{% for line_item in order.line_items %}
For loop

5. At the end of that loop, add:

<td>{{ line_item.product.metafields.custom.my_metafield }}</td>

Replace custom.my_metafield with your metafield’s namespace and key. You'll find these in Settings / Custom data / Metafields definitions / Products.

Added code

6. Make any necessary code changes.

If all you have is the default content the app had when you installed it, there's only one change you need in order for the final print to look a bit better.

Right before the last </tr> of the </thead> tag, add this:


Replace "Instructions" with whatever column name you want it to show.

7. Save and preview.

It should look like this:

Final result

Why would you want to customize Shopify packing slips?

Generally, to make sure you provide sufficient information about products in your order.

(When it comes to products, the more info the better - read some relevant tips for your Shopify store's product page.)

This doesn't only provide information to everyone involved in fulfillment.

It also provides a much better customer experience.

After all, even the packing slip is a point of contact between your brand and the customer.

Some examples:

Fragile items

A "Handle with care" message for specific line items goes a long way towards making sure that whoever sees the slip, will be careful to not cause any damage.

Products that expire

For perishable items include instructions like "Keep refrigerated" or "Store in a cool place."

Special instructions

Give the customer information about the product's assembly or usage. "This product requires assembly. See instructions included."

Recycling instructions

Include a note like "Please recycle this packaging."

Care Instructions

For items that need specific care, like clothing, you can include care instructions: "Machine wash cold, tumble dry low."

Safety warnings

For items that can pose a safety risk, include warnings like "Choking hazard - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years."

Troubleshoot common issues

The app looks different

You probably have the legacy order printer app. Use this link to install the new one.

When I print orders, I don't see the column or the new data

Make sure the metafield is set. Also make sure you've checked to "Print by default" on the packing slip.

Print by default

The result shows the information, but it doesn't look right

Make sure you've followed the instructions closely. Also make sure you've copied the correct namespace and key of the product metafield.

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