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Conversion rate optimization audit

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    Get specific recommendations on how to increase your Shopify store's conversion rate.
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    Get a personalized list including screenshots of your store.
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    Based on our expertise and experience with dozens of Shopify stores.
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    Get your audit results within 3 business days.
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Get your personalized audit for only $50

Only for Shopify stores. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Helped make the most effective technical / UX decisions.

Liz Lorigan, CEREMONY

Here's exactly what you get

  • Personalized

    Personalized list

    We don’t compile a list of “general best principles”. Our audit includes specific areas and screenshots of your Shopify store.

  • Recommendations

    Recommendations on how to increase your conversion rate

    We audit your website, look for problems and opportunities, and propose specific solutions.

  • Expertise

    Based on our expertise

    We’ve gone through dozens of Shopify stores, and have years of CRO experience.

The process, start to finish

A review of your site designed to get you results

    You request your expert audit
    Optionally, you can give us access to Analytics
    You receive your audit results
    Within 3 business days, get a list of points to focus on
    Fix the highest priorities
    With the highest return of investment
    Watch your sales increase!
    Get long term results

We’re Shopify experts with years of experience in CRO.

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Here is what we audit

Aspects of your website we will review and advise on.

1. User experience problems

Find out what could be making it difficult for visitors to purchase


2. Conversion rate opportunities

Changes you can make that can lead to more checkouts


3. Includes screenshots to illustrate key points

Very easy to understand where the issues are on your store


Why do you need an expert audit?

Conversion rate optimization means more sales.

A store that converts will turn more of your traffic into customers. Shopify conversion rate optimization can determine which changes to your website will achieve that. Example: A store gets 50 orders a day. The traffic it gets daily is 3000 visitors. The conversion rate is 1.67%. If the store can increase the conversion rate to 2%, it will get 60 orders a day. That’s 10 more orders a day, or 300 more orders a month.

Increasing your Shopify conversion rate relies on well thought-out hypotheses.

CRO is about testing hypotheses. You don't always know what could work if you don't have the experience. For someone who is not experienced, it's easy to miss the most important things, and focus on the wrong things. So, it's really important that the hypotheses are well thought out. Example: Someone inexperienced might assume that the color of the “Add to cart” button is the most important thing to test. But, it might be that the button is not visible enough, and the most important thing to test is the position of the button.

An expert audit will give you a list of personalized recommendations from someone who's worked with dozens of Shopify stores.

You don't need to have the experience of working with 100 Shopify stores and their conversion rate optimization. You can get the benefits of that knowledge, by getting an expert audit. These recommendations are based on what works best for Shopify stores, based on research, data, and best practices.

Getting recommendations that you can easily implement, will save you time and money.

To boost your Shopify conversion rate, you don't necessarily need to spend a lot of money. There are low-effort improvements that will take you minutes to apply, and will make all the difference. This means that you've only spent a small amount to get a list of things that will make a big difference. Example: You've been told that to increase your low Shopify conversion rate, you need to improve your product descriptions. You spend a lot of time and money on that, get a copywriter and designer, and update the descriptions of thousands of products. But, it turns out that your visitors expected to see a different type of product on the landing page, based on your ad. The copy of the page's headline was misaligned. You could have fixed that in 5 minutes, and it would have made all the difference.


When will my audit results be ready?

Within 3 business days you'll have your audit results.

Do you need access to my store?

No, we don't need access to your store. We'll review your store as a visitor would. However, we can give you some additional recommendations if we have view access to your Google Analytics account.

What if I don’t know how to apply the recommendations?

Most recommendations are easy to apply on your own. This can get you immediate results. More complicated recommendations can be implemented by any developer.

How do I pay?

Payment via PayPal or direct bank transfer. Alternatively, you can pay with a credit card via escrow, and funds will be released to us once you receive your audit results.

Small investment, high return

Improve your conversion rate now.
Only for Shopify stores. We'll get back to you within 24 hours.
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Happy with everything, and delivered more than expected. Highly recommended.

Vasileios Siakos,

Intelligent and insightful into improving our store.

Gerian S.

Excellent work in a structured and easy to understand format.

Alex Z.

Get your audit for only $50